Aachen Font

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The magnificent Aachen font family was created in 1969 by type designers Alan Meeks and Colin Brignall and distributed by International Typeface Corporation. To make it the most amazing design in the font industry, the designers incorporate a few unique elements. It has two different styles, Pro Medium and Pro Bold. After some time, it was expanded with additional weights and styles to make it a reliable design for all types of design and texture content.

This typeface’s new italics and nine different weights are available. The muscular, sporty vibe of this font family has long made it ideal for sport-related product designs, branding, and catchy headlines. Try this fantastic typeface with the Din font combo for bringing a classic vibe to any design. Additionally, it offers extensive language support, including French, Latin, and Cyrillic letters.

The closest typefaces to this typeface are Apex Serif and Battersea Slab. This typeface’s complete freedom for both commercial and private uses is another positive feature. You may get this contemporary typeface for free from our website to use in all of your priceless creations, whether they are for professional or domestic projects.

Aachen Font Information

NameAachen Font
DesignerAlan Meeks, Colin Brignall
File FormatOTF, TTF
FoundryInternational Typeface Corporation
StyleSlab Serif
Date Released1969
TypeFree Version
LicenseFree For Commercial Use

Reason to Use Aachen Font

Numerous eminent locations and websites have featured this premium typeface. We came across this amazing typeface being used on a football website. It is the real typeface, which has gained some notoriety offline but is used far less as a web font, however, using it on a sporting website might not be a terrible idea either.

You can use this impressive typeface to create your own amusing designs, such as greeting or business cards, logo designs, book covers, magazine or newspaper layouts, advertisements, home furnishings, brochure designs, website templates, product and branding projects, t-shirts or mug designs, promotional uses, and publishing uses will be beneficial.

It has amazing bold strokes, so you can create amazing headlines and titles for your websites or newspaper, and magazines. You can also create stunning quotes, store/shop names, and movie titling with the use of this font.

Aachen Font View

Alternatives of Aachen Font

  • Part Two Font
  • Egyptian Font
  • Cinquenta Mil Meticais Font
  • Dropship Font
  • Aachen Std Font
  • TR Bach Font

Aachen Font Family (Includes Total 2 Typefaces)

  • Aachen Pro Bold
  • Aachen Pro Medium

Character Map

License Information

With your Adobe account, you are free to use the font family for all of your professional and commercial projects. You also have full control over all of its features and characters. This typeface was distributed under an open-source license. Use this typeface for free in any projects you use for business.

Download Aachen Font Free

This amazing font is available here for both free personal and business use. Simply click the download option below to download the font to your operating system.

Supported Language

A font’s supported languages can vary, depending on the specific font you’re looking at. Some fonts include support for a wide variety of languages, while others are designed specifically for use with a single script or language. For example, a font that is designed for use with the Latin script will not typically include support for languages written in other scripts, such as Greek or Cyrillic.


Is Aachen font free?

When used within the Adobe collection, it is a totally free typeface for all commercial and official applications. You must, however, pay for its license if you don’t have an Adobe account to use it for business purposes.

What font goes well with the Aachen font?

Because it may be used with several slab serif or serif types, it produces clear and extremely readable letterforms. When used with the Din typeface, it may perform at its best.

What font is similar to Aachen?

The typefaces with the most similarities to this design that we discovered after the fruitless search are Battersea Slab and Apex Serif.

What is Aachen font?

The primary designer of this slab serif typeface family is Colin Brignall, who created it in 1969 for Letraset. Although it was initially only available in one bold style, it has now been expanded to include a few different weights. The current typeface comes in nine weights and corresponding italics.

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