Arsenica Font

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Arsenica Font is a Modern, Elegant Serif Typeface (OTF, TTF) designed by a team that included Mario De Libero, Andrea Tartarelli, and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini created under the direction of Francesco Canovaro and released through Zetafonts on December 15, 2021. It’s free for personal use. The style of Arsenica was influenced by early 20th-century Italian poster art, when typography, lettering, and imagery were intricately entwined.

There are 43 different types in this contemporary and refined serif font instead of adopting modernist terminology, emerging nationalist organizations favored old Old Style letterforms, which were frequently infused with an Art Nouveau and Deco aesthetic. Artists like Giorgio Muggiani designed newspaper logos like “Il Popolo d’Italia” in addition to creating posters for Cinzano, Pirelli, and Rinascente.

Canovaro created the Arsenica Antiqua family, a display typeface that maintains the original Old Style’s low contrast, large dimensions, and eccentric aesthetic ideas, starting with this diverse mash-up of inspirations. The weight range was subsequently expanded to include both posters, ultra-bold weights, and lighter weights that give the design a particular calligraphic flavor. These were then refined in high contrast, Arsenica Display family. Creating alternate letterforms that are part of the Arsenica Alternate family, which eliminates the art nouveau features in favor of a more restrained modern serif look, was another step in bringing the letterforms into contemporary taste.

Arsenica Text, a low contrast, highly legible old-school typeface family with a reduced weight set that is designed for long body copy typesetting, was created by widening the design area in the optical size axis. The end result is a superfamily of 41 weights that fully covers more than 200 languages utilizing the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets and expands the charset to over 900 glyphs to fill the design space. All of Arsenica’s weights provide a complete range of open-type features that let you experiment with its retro-inspired aesthetic ideas.

These features include stylistic sets, optional ligatures, contextual alternatives, and positional numerals. The entire family has two variable fonts that let you carefully manage not only the weight but also the optical size design changes. This lets you explore the design space. Please note that Arsenic Serif Font is for personal use only and No Commercial use is Allowed! If you want to use this font for Commercial use, you need to purchase a Commercial license here.

Basic Information

Font FamilyArsenica family
Font NameArsenica
LicenseFree for personal use

Arsenica Font Family

Character map


What is the Arsenica Font?

The Arsenica Font is a typeface that was created to be used with the Arsenic Element.

What are the characteristics of the Arsenica Font? 

The Arsenica Font is a Sans Serif typeface with a tall x-height. It was designed to be used in small sizes and has a large range of weights.

How do I access the Arsenica Font? 

The Arsenica Font can be accessed in a number of ways, including: 

• The Arsenica Font website 

• The Arsenica Font GitHub repository 

• The Arsenica Font npm package

What license is the Arsenica Font released under? 

The Arsenica Font is released under the SIL Open Font License. This allows for the Font to be used in both personal and commercial projects.

How do I install the Arsenica Font? 

The Arsenica Font can be installed like any other font. Simply download the ZIP file, extract the contents, and double-click on the “Arsenica.ttf” file to install it.

How do I use the Arsenica Font in my own projects? 

The Arsenica Font can be used in any project, commercial or personal. Simply install the font on your computer, and then use it in your preferred software application.

What software applications can I use the Arsenica Font with? 

The Arsenica Font is compatible with all major software applications, including Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Apple Pages.

What is the license for the Arsenica Font? 

The Arsenica Font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL), which means it is free for both personal and commercial use.

What inspired you to create the Arsenica Font? 

The main inspiration for the Arsenica Font was to create a modern and stylish sans-serif typeface that would be perfect for both digital and print design projects. I wanted to create a font that had a strong personality, yet was still very readable.

 What are some of the features of the Arsenica Font? 

Some of the features of the Arsenica Font include: 

-A modern and stylish sans-serif typeface 

-Perfect for both digital and print design projects 

-Strong personality 

-Very readable 

-8 different weights (light, regular, medium, bold, black, Thin, ExtraLight, Heavy) 

-Italics for each weight 

-Supports over 200 languages

How do I install the Arsenica Font? 

The Arsenica Font can be installed like any other font on your computer. Simply download the font file from our website and install it on your computer. 

What formats does the Arsenica Font come in?

The Arsenica Font is available in both TrueType (.ttf) and OpenType (.otf) format.

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