10+ Best Font For Subtitles

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Great digital content takes more than just recording video and uploading it onto the web. You must take that extra step to make sure your videos reach the right audience with ease. One matter to address is making sure that your video is readable. Consider the reading public who have the need for subtitles on YouTube. For general viewers, the readability of subtitles should be a priority.

Whichever language the original video was created in, adding subtitles in that same language would be best so consumers are able to understand your message. Subtitles obviously add simplicity and clarity to a video, but should not    Good subtitle fonts should be entirely clear for all other eyes. At the same time, subtitles should not draw attention away from the video. So, what is the best font for subtitles?

It has been quite a difficult question, a controversy even. Many content creators already have a certain type of font in mind but it turns out to be something buyers may feel is not the best choice for a video. We will present you with the best choices for font when it comes to subtitles. 

Let’s take a look at the best font for subtitles 

1. Arial

Most people know the ubiquitous font, and it is used to guarantee safety. There is a surety that your viewers are familiar with it. Arial is a generic set of sans serif fonts, and it is used for many different purposes.

Size: 11 pt Paragraph spacing: 1.5 1.5 line spacing Center aligned The footer of the cover page contains the title, name, and email of the candidate. The title of the cover page is centered and written in a bold and bigger font than the rest of the document. In this example, the title is written in 16 pt Times New Roman font. The footer is aligned on the left side of the page. In this example, the title is written in 16 pt Times New Roman font. The footer is aligned on the left side of the page.

The candidate’s name is written in a bold font and is centered. The name is written in the same font size as the title. The candidate’s email is written on the right side of the page. It is aligned on the right side of the page. The title of the cover page is centered and written in a bold and bigger font than the rest of the document. In this example, the title is written in 16 pt Times New Roman font. The footer is aligned on the left side of the page. The candidate’s name is written in a bold font and

Perhaps Cyrillic (Russian and Ukrainian letters) can work as well for your subtitle. However, people don’t remember Cyrillic — so make sure the popularity counts. Just like Arial, Cyrillic has variations like Andalou. Arial is a safe font to use, but it doesn’t add any distinction or uniqueness to work. If you prefer something more unique you should pick one.

2. Roboto

Roboto is easier to read when it comes to long subtitles. This is because it is seen across a variety of media platforms.

Roboto font is free.

3. Times New Roman

Times New Roman is yet another cool and retro-style font. You can dress up your manuscript with this cool font. Its level of sophistication smooths out your piece, making it look sophisticated. It has a note of simplicity, and that gives it a distinct character. This may not be the font you went to high school with, but it sure is good enough for you.

Times New Roman is best for subtitles with short sentences on the screen at a time. If you are the audacious type looking for something different, this might just be your needed breakthrough.

4. Verdana

Verdana, as condensed or condensed as it is, is a good option for those looking for fonts with limited space on their screen.

The font looks pleasant on small devices. It’s displayed so that the focus is on the video but it doesn’t take up much room on the bottom of the screen.

5. Tiresias

Avenues is another great font for subtitles. This font is best used when your viewers must read to grasp the information on the screen. This font renders readably to the eyes of persons who are vision impaired. This font is often the standard font used for BBC subtitles.

Tiresias is a monotype typeface; that is, it only has one style. It has thumbprint effects and also different weights; it’s unique and different.

 6. Antique Olive

Antique Olive

Sometimes there is a box that surrounds the Antique Olive Vierge font to help make it more visible. Whether such a box should help distinguish it from others shouldn’t be arguable, Historik believes.

7. Futura

You can choose from more than one hundred professional-grade fonts. The condensed version is great for subtitles and long text. And, the others are dramatic, expressive, really cute, and just work! What’s more, this type of font is among the most widely used font by people of the 21st century. It is readable and understandable. It gives your content a futuristic sense of novelty. 

8. Helvetica

What attracts you to this sort of media-facing website? They could educate you about the industry behind the scene so you can raise your business standards and get better sourcing from media and with media.   Now that you know all the different font styles, formats, and dimensions. What makes a good subtitle font? For example, is Times New Roman the best for subtitles intended to be positioned in a high position in the video authority? Or, is Arial or Bleeding Ink or some other style better suited for subtitles meant to me lower down on the video?

There are a lot of options available, but one I think really stands out.

Keep On Truckin

A “font-stack” get into a program like Photoshop and click on both font layers; then halfway smooch the layers together as seen in the image. This bookmark does not open in a new tab.
For a more simple look, first, create only one additional text layer. Add no stroke if you would like, or if you would like, add another text layer to the characters, as we have here.  

Benguiat Bold

There can be no doubt that Stranger Things‘ title font is one of the most recognizable typefaces in recent pop culture. This recommended addition gives the show’s entire title a crispy vintage glow. 

This software has several different memory functions, which makes it easier and more accurate for transcribing. Users simply put their video file on the website, and within seconds, they’ll find a text file with time-marked font   

You can download the text directly if it is to your satisfaction.

While certain online text editors have many features that a user can enable, there is also an option that allows the user to edit the text in their boot read

After ensuring its grammar, language, and layout,

You have two options: you are free to either download the subtitles for your movie as a single file or burn those subtitles into the video itself and make a single file. The formats for the second option include SRT, EBU-SLT, V

You are able to download and save your video. To upload your video online to qualified sites, such as YouTube, Amberscript also provides

Subtitle Tips

When proofreading your new subtitle, here are some time-consuming tips


A lot of videos have dark and light parts; however, some colors work better for backgrounds compared to words. Although black or white wouldn’t hurt if you aren’t sure, a cool color would be better. Be careful about what type of contrast


You should not simply pick out the font and start adjusting the size. You need to view which areas are blocked and which areas have too little text. You don’t want it too small that the reader can’t


You should align your text to the left or middle if you prefer, but not to the right.

Many consumers express concern about the accessibility of confidential materials and if their grocery store uses Encrypted Media Extensions

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