Dune Font

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Dune Font is a modern, minimalist, and futuristic look sans-serif (OTF) Font that was designed and published by Jesta Designs on November 16th, 2021. It’s Ideal for objects like robots, spacecraft, electronics, the universe, planets, and contemporary architecture. It’s free for personal use and paid for commercial use.

It was initially based on the Canadian Aboriginal syllables, a family of writing systems created by linguist James Evans to set the writing rules for a variety of Indigenous languages in Canada. Denis’s movie title served as its inspiration.

A movie font is a dune. Because the typeface was utilized in the film Dune, it is known as the Dune font. Denis Villeneuve’s latest science fiction film, Dune, is based on a book by Frank Herbert. The typeface used for the Dune title has a future aspect and is based on science fiction and technology. Many sources assert that there is no publicly available version of the typeface, while some assert that it is based on Canadian native symbols. But you shouldn’t worry.

Dune Rise, a font by Free Fonts Lab, is a Dune-inspired replacement. Jesta Designs created it and made it available. The typeface was initially based on the Indigenous Canadian syllables, which linguist James Evans developed as a means to write the languages of Canada’s Indigenous people. It was made to resemble the title of Denis’s film.

Font Information

TypeFree Version
DesignerJesta Designs
File FormatOTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use


The game Dune is gaining popularity. Its elegance and simplicity are what draw so many people to this typeface. Any design job that requires a contemporary style is ideal for Dune. This typeface may be used for websites, logos, and other things that call for a contemporary appearance. Dune is a fantastic option if you’re seeking a new typeface to add to your collection.

In conclusion, this fresh, modern, and minimalist typeface is ideal for all kinds of design projects. This typeface is ideal for you if you want to add an additional dash of sexiness to your branding or are just searching for a fresh approach to stand out. You won’t regret trying Dune, so go ahead and do it!

Character Map

Dune Rise Font Features

The simple and futuristic design of the Dune typeface makes it suitable for use with contemporary themes. The universe, planets, nature, robots, spaceships, technology, and contemporary architecture are all ideal subjects for this item.

Dune Font is a great option for creating a straightforward and recognized style, a must for any modern project, thanks to its constructivist traits of sturdiness, concentration on geometric shapes, and compactness.

Supported Langage

Dune font supports a wide range of languages, including:

  • English 
  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • Portuguese 
  • Italian 
  • German 
  • Dutch 
  • Russian 
  • Ukrainian –
  • Polish 
  • Czech 
  • Slovak 
  • Hungarian 
  • Croatian
  • Serbian 
  • Slovenian 
  • Bosnian 
  • Macedonian 
  • Montenegrin 
  • Romanian 
  • Albanian 
  • Bulgarian

Family Of Font

The Dune family of fonts includes the following members:

  • Dune Italic 
  • Dune Bold Italic 
  • Dune Light 
  • Dune Light Italic 
  • Dune Mono 
  • Dune Mono Bold 
  • Dune Mono Italic 
  • Dune Mono Bold Italic

License information

Dune is a sans serif typeface designed by Paul Renner and released through the Linotype foundry in 1957.


What is the dune font?

The dune font is a typeface created by the German typeface designer Hermann Zapf. It is named after the German word for sand dune and was inspired by the shapes of the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert.

How many different styles of dune font are there?

There are four different styles of dune font: light, regular, medium, and bold.

What are the main features of the dune font?

The main features of the dune font include its wide, open counters, its large x-height, and its high contrast between the thick and thin strokes.

What languages does the dune font support?

The dune font supports all Latin-based languages, as well as Greek and Cyrillic.

How can I use the Dune font?

The Dune font can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. However, a few restrictions apply. For more information, please read the Dune Font License agreement.

How can I install the Dune font on my computer?

The Dune font can be installed like any other font. For detailed instructions, please consult your operating system’s documentation.

What type of characters does the Dune font include?

The Dune font includes all standard Latin characters, as well as a number of international characters.

Where can I find more information about the Dune font?

For more information, please visit the website.


How can I use the Dune font in Adobe Photoshop?

To use the Dune font in Adobe Photoshop, open the Font drop-down menu and select the “Dune” font. The font will be applied to your document.

How can I use the Dune font in Microsoft Word?

To use the Dune font in Microsoft Word, open the Font drop-down menu and select the “Dune” font. The font will be applied to your document.

How do I install the Dune font on my computer?

To install the Dune font on your computer, first, download the font from the link provided. Once the font file is downloaded, open the downloaded file and click on the “Install” button. The font will be installed on your computer.

What are the characteristics of the Dune font?

The Dune font is characterized by its simple, clean lines. The font is highly readable and has a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

What are the unique features of the dune font?

The dune font features a more condensed letterform than Futura, making it more suitable for use in text-heavy documents. The font also includes a variety of alternate characters and ligatures, which can be accessed through OpenType features.

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