Ford Font

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The Ford Font is a custom typeface developed by Ford Motor Company for use in their branding and communications. It was designed to be simple, modern, and versatile, and is used in everything from advertising and marketing materials to product packaging and corporate communications. The Ford font includes a variety of different weights and styles, such as regular, bold, and italic, to give designers flexibility in how they use it. It is also designed to be legible in small sizes and to work well in a variety of different mediums, from print to digital.

Everyone is familiar with Ford as the well-known automaker, and this typeface was created using this automaker’s emblem as inspiration. That logo uses the Centennial Blue Oval typeface, which complements the Lucky December font wonderfully.

“Built Ford Tough” is the company’s catchphrase. This also applies to this typeface because it is the rough typeface that is utilized in a variety of designs. This design possesses all the distinctive characteristics necessary for a superb typeface, and the glances of this font blend in well with the styling of the Selenia Heart font and its styles.

Ford Font Information

Here is a table providing the information you’ve requested about the Ford Font:

NameFord Font
DesignerFord Motor Company
FoundryFord Motor Company
File FormatOTF, TTF, WOFF
Date ReleasedUnknown
TypeCorporate font

Reason to Use Ford Font

Using this font will undoubtedly help your projects stand out from the crowd and elevate them to the next level. It is a simple script typeface with a clear and crisp feel.

This typeface is used to create shapes for banners, movie and video game posters, book covers, magazines, and newspaper headers when combined with the Chopin script font’s design.

Character Map

Alternatives of Ford Font

  • Brotherhood Script
  • ITC Studio Script
  • ITC Clover
  • EF Beasty
  • Steinweiss Script
  • Digital Delivery
  • Supernett
  • PT Script
  • Lifehack

Ford Font View

License Information

It is a custom font developed by Ford Motor Company, its license would be proprietary and intended for exclusive use by the company. This means that it would not be available for purchase or download, and use of the font would be limited to Ford and its authorized partners.

Companies usually do not distribute or license their custom fonts to the public, they are kept as proprietary assets and are considered a key aspect of a brand’s visual identity. Since there are no constraints of any kind on this typeface, you can use it without concern in both your personal and professional works.

Supported Language

The Ford font, being a custom font developed by Ford Motor Company, most likely supports a wide range of languages, which includes all major Western European languages such as Spanish, French, German and etc, and also likely support Eastern European and other languages as well, but without more information or access to the font files, I can’t confirm it specifically.

However, it’s worth noting that typography and typefaces can impact the legibility of certain languages and characters, so sometimes it may require specific modification on typeface or custom design to support certain languages.


What’s the Closest Font to Ford?

The Ford typeface and the Steinweiss Script font are quite similar.

What Font Is the Ford Logo?

Centennial Blue Oval is the typeface that was first used in the Ford automobile company’s emblem.

What Type of Font Is Ford?

The script typeface is shown here. This typeface was created by Childe Harold Wills, who also gives it freely downloadable.

Can I Use This for My Logo?

Since this typeface is based on logos, it is commonly utilised in various kinds of graphic design projects.

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