Gotham Narrow Font

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Gotham Narrow Font is a beautiful and modern web font (OTF, TTF) that was designed by Tobias Frere-Jones. The town where I dwell and Gotham’s narrow medium font inspire me to create this font. For your amazing assignment, choose the exquisite typeface South City, which has a handwritten signature and lots of ligatures.

This family’s creation is inspired by the first typeface that was carved and cast in France for the printing factory at the Sorbonne College (Paris). This is definitely handwriting but in a typeface. The narrow, light Gotham typeface has a rough texture from dry strokes that gives it a realistic appearance. But this typeface appears to have organic curves and a distinct personal style. At first glance alone, you can see how Carosello may elevate a design’s level of sophistication.

This Gotham Pro narrow bold font is unmistakably intended for individuals who want elegance in their designs. There are more than 100 ligatures to limit the results of the real hand letter to a maximum (you can see it between the presentation images). The characters were created by Jean Heynlin, the university’s rector, with inspiration from Pannartz’s, and were ultimately carved by Adolf Rusch. Similar to that, this font has a charming handwriting appearance, making it ideal for creating graphics.

We’re going to introduce a sizable family of the geometric sans-serif typeface Gotham Narrow Font. This font is a member of the Gotham Font family, which has been utilized in a number of noteworthy contexts, including Obama’s Hope Campaign. This font family was created by renowned designers Tobias Frere-Jones and Jesse Ragan, and it was released in the year 2000. This superb typeface is ideal for display, timetables, points, menus, reports, charts, digital apps, and web design.

This font family has 7 weights, including Bold, Light, Black, Book, Medium, Ultra, and Thin, in a whopping 32 styles. It has been segmented into numerous unique characters and stylistic sets of alternates, and as many apps support OpenType, applying substitutions is made simple overall. Due to its equal letter spacing and widths for the high-quality size, it can also be combined more effectively with various breath fonts. Within the CSS family, this is also employed. Our typeface is available on this website for free download without the need to purchase a license.

When building data-intensive settings like charts, tables, menus, and reports, as well as digital apps that present dynamic data like pricing, statistics, product numbers, timetables, account numbers, points, or scores, Gotham offers capabilities that make it simpler to use tabular data. Stylistic Sets, an OpenType feature that is accessible in many applications and makes it simpler to apply similar substitutions together, are groups of several of Gotham’s special characters and alternates. Here, we’re going to show you some fantastic, totally free fonts that look like the Gotham thin font family.


Usage of Gotham Narrow Font

It offers incredible features, which makes it simpler to use tabular data when working in demanding design environments. Additionally, this font is excellent for work involving web design. It can be also used for text designs because of its clean and classic characters. You can also utilize this font within an office environment and you can make many standard reports, daily records, Powerpoint Presentations, and so on. This font family is also perfect for logo designs, posters, banners, book covers, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, Branding projects, T-shirt and Mug designs, App Development, Website designs, Templates, Business and Greeting Cards, Catalogues, Menus, Labelling, Headlines and Titling, and many other related things.

Font Information

NameGotham Narrow Font
DesignerTobias Frere-Jones
File FormatOTF,TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use

Gotham Narrow Font Family

Similar Fonts to Gotham Narrow Font (Related Fonts)

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License Information

You may only use this trial version of this font family in your own projects. However, you must obtain permission from the font designer if you want to use the font for a fee.

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What typeface is close to Gotham lane?

The font that most closely resembles Prox Font is one that belongs to the serif typeface family. It is available in two weights: ordinary and bold.

What is Gotham narrow?

This geometric sans-serif font is available in seven different weights and 32 different variations. This font family was created by renowned designer Tobias-Frere-Jones. This typeface belongs to the Gotham family.

What font is like Gotham narrow?

The greatest alternatives to the Gotham Narrow font include Metropolis, Montserrat, Raleway, Germans, and numerous others.

Is Gotham Narrow a free font?

Yes, you can use this font for free in all of your personal projects. Without a license, not authorized in initiatives for profit.

How do I install Gotham font in Windows?

Windows installation of the Gotham font files can be downloaded. Go to the directory that contains the Gotham font files. … Install can be chosen with a right-click on the Gotham font file. Select Control Panel after clicking Start. Select Appearance and Personalization from the menu. Select Fonts. Install a new font by clicking File and choosing it.

Who owns Gotham font?

Frere-Jones and Hoefler American type designer Tobias Frere-Jones created the Gotham family of widely used geometric sans-serif digital typefaces in 2000. Both a more rigorously geometric sans and a sans serif with a more naturalistic design (Gotham) are included in the family (Gotham Condensed).

Is Gotham font really free?

Each font in the Gotham family comes in five different “weights” and is offered as part of a suite of OpenType fonts (Light, Book, Medium, Bold, Black). … An open-source license is used to make the Gotham fonts accessible.

What font is similar to Gotham Narrow?

The Google font that most closely resembles Gotham is Open Sans.

How do I download Gotham font?

Take a look at the Gotham Book typeface. A ZIP file containing the font files will download. Anywhere on your computer, extract the ZIP file. Double-click the.ttf or. oTf file for the Gotham book. The Typeface Book program will launch and display the font.

How do I install a font?

Install a downloaded custom font. Click Control Panel after selecting Start. Fonts can be accessed by clicking Appearance and Personalization first. Select the font you wish to add by clicking it under Fonts,

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