What is Harley Davidson Font Name?

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Harley Davidson’s Font name is Block Gothic RR Bold ExtraCond. A typeface created by Steve Jackaman, a British Typographer, Published by Red Rooster Collection in 1992. Mostly Available in TTF (True Type Font).

Our discussion for today will begin with the Harley Davidson Font name. How about a little introduction to Harley Davidson before we begin? The American motorcycle company Harley-Davidson, sometimes known as H-D, was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1903. It now holds the global industry leader in terms of dominance. There isn’t a typeface called Harley Davidson, though. It was the font they used for their logo when they were branding themselves, and it later evolved into the Harley Davidson font name.

Harley Davidson Font Name

The Harley-Davidson logo is typeset in Block Gothic RR Bold ExtraCond. Steve Jackaman created this typeface, which the Red Rooster Collection released. Steve Jackaman is a British type designer and typographer. He has worked with well-known brands like Apple, BBC News, BMW, and others while having extensive knowledge in this field for over forty years. He has also created many fantastic fonts. Currently, he is the owner of International TypeFounders.

The Red Rooster Collection is a type foundry with several facets. They produce modern, high-quality typefaces. Steve Jackaman redrew and created the sans serif font family known as Block Gothic Extra Condensed in 1994. There are five weights of the typeface available.

Font Information

Name Harley Davidson Font
Style Steve Jackaman
File Format TTF
License Free for personal use
TypeFree for personal use


For motorcycle and clothing businesses, the Harley Davidson typeface may be used for branding, logos, illustrations, websites, social media, product packaging, and other marketing materials. It is among the most widely used and recognized typefaces available. It has been highlighted at several prestigious locations throughout the years since it is ideal for a variety of tasks. This typeface will give you the appearance and feel you want whether you are producing a document, blog post, or website.

Harley Davidson Font Family

You can get this basic typeface for free by just clicking the download button provided below. Compacta font Free should only be used for personal purposes. On the other hand, a license from Letraset Font Foundry is required if you wish to use it for business purposes.

Because you may use this clever font for a variety of reasons if you get its license. similar to logo design, book layout creation, product packaging, and fabric printing for shirts and pants. Additionally, card printing services are available for birthdays, business, and invitation cards.

Harley Davidson Font Character Map

Similar Fonts

  • Belanda
  • Delphion
  • Meltow
  • Poppy Flowers
  • Bakerie

License Information

Undoubtedly, a license is required to access this typeface completely. Therefore, familiarize yourself with all the licensing terms before using the typeface to prevent any issues. You are free to use the Harley Davidson typeface after you have purchased the license

Harley Davidson Font Download

For all of your unpaid and personal projects, you can install this font on your computer. The downloading procedure is easy to understand. Visit the URL provided below to download the font to your computer. You may only use the typeface for personal projects, though.


What Type of Font Is Harley Davidson Font?

It is a logo typeface used on the emblem of the well-known American motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson. The typeface contains distinct, simple-to-read letters. The Harley Davidson typeface has gained popularity and is frequently used by designers since the 1990s.

Who Designs Harley Davidson Font?

This gorgeous typeface was created by Jackaman, and it was published by Red Rooster Collection.

Can We Use Harley Davidson Font Free in Commercial Projects?

The typeface is free to use in your own personal projects. However, you must obtain a license in order to work on other projects. Then, you may use it wherever you choose.

What Is Harley Davidson Font Generator?

To create different Harley Davidson font forms for free, you may access this tool online. You may also use the program to resolve browser compatibility problems. This text-based generator is frequently used for this by designers.

Where You Can Use Harley Davidson Font?

This typeface may be used in a variety of contexts, including logos, websites, designs, titles, covers, albums, layouts, advertising, and cards.

Is Harley Davidson Font Worth Using?

It truly is one of the fonts that are worthwhile utilizing and highly recommended. 

How can I get the Harley Davidson Font? 

The Harley Davidson Font is available for purchase through the Harley Davidson website. 

What type of file is the Harley Davidson Font?

The Harley Davidson Font is a TrueType font file. 

How do I install the Harley Davidson Font? 

The Harley Davidson Font can be installed on your computer by double-clicking on the font file and then clicking on the “Install” button.

 Can I use the Harley Davidson Font for commercial purposes?

 The Harley Davidson Font is intended for personal use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes. 

I am having trouble installing the Harley Davidson Font, what can I do? 

If you are having trouble installing the Harley Davidson Font, please contact the Harley Davidson customer support team for assistance. 

I am having trouble using the Harley Davidson Font, what can I do?

 If you are having trouble using the Harley Davidson Font, please contact the Harley Davidson customer support team for assistance.

 Can I return the Harley Davidson Font if I am not satisfied? 

The Harley Davidson Font is non-refundable.

Where can I find more information about the Harley Davidson Font?

 For more information about the Harley Davidson Font, please visit the Harley Davidson website.

 How do I contact Harley Davidson customer support?

For Harley Davidson customer support, please visit the Harley Davidson website and click on the “Contact Us” link.

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