Heavitas Font

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Heavitas Font is a Sans-Serif versatile and flexible typeface that was developed in 2015 by the talented and well-known Indian designer Mr. Deepak Dogra. It is free for personal use and paid for commercial use. It’s mostly available in TTF. You will be happy to use this typeface in your heading and titles.

This typeface comes in a solid appearance. You can only use the features of the TTF file format if you desire to use its features. It is highly capable of producing amazing designs and lengthy paragraphs. This typeface is also suitable for formal work.

Due to its distinctive and robust bold characters, this typeface is well-known around the world. Because of this, this warm typeface is supported in many different languages. There is just one regular style in this typeface, which has 2048 units/em, 66 distinct glyphs, and more than 217 characters.

You may create several designs with this beautiful typeface by downloading the free version from our website. Additionally, pairing it with sans-serif typefaces like Liquido Font and Starbucks Logo Font is recommended.

Font Information

Name Heavitas Font
DesignerMr. Deepak Dogra
Type Sans-serif
License Allowed for Personal Use Only
Style Free Version
File FormatOpentype & Truetype


This typeface is appropriate for logo design, banners, presentations, postcards, general reports, titles, and articles. Assignments, content, bills, and documentation may all be created. You may make stunning designs, invitation cards, wedding cards, and many other related things using this typeface. Due to its exceptional characteristics, it generates elaborate patterns and offers your projects a polished appearance.

This typeface may be used for product titles, home décor designs, postcard designs, and t-shirt designs. Additionally, it helps in software and website development. You can use it to create astounding designs if you use a font similar to Neosteel Font. This typeface is also ideal for creating logos for both domestic and foreign corporations.

This typeface provides wonderful results and has achieved great success in the font industry if you use it for your projects.

Heavitas Font Family

The Family of Heavitas Font is a sans serif typeface designed by Eric Gill in 1928. The Family of Heavitas Font is named after the Latin word for “weight” and was designed to be a typeface that was heavy and stable. The Family of Heavitas Font is used for headlines and display purposes and is available in a variety of weights and styles.

The Family of Heavitas Font is a popular choice for headlines and display purposes because of its heavy, stable design. The Family of Heavitas Font is available in a variety of weights and styles, making it a versatile choice for a variety of design projects.

Heavitas Font Family (Includes Total 01 Types)

  • Heavitas-Regular

Heavitas Font Character Map

Alternatives of Heavitas Font

  • Aspergit Font
  • Barlow Font
  • Cochin Font 
  • Youtube Sans Font 
  • Alto Voltaje Font
  • Black Ops One Font
  • FF Mark Font 
  • Discord Font 
  • Snapchat Font 
  • Arvin Light Font
  • BN Dragon Font
  • Avenir Font
  • Officina Sans Font 
  • Vidaloka Font 

Heavitas Font Download

Simply click the download button provided below to begin the automated download of the zip file containing this typeface.

License Information 

This font’s advanced features can be used in all commercial projects after you purchase a license from the font owner’s website.


What font is similar to Heavitas Font?

There are several Sans-serif fonts that are comparable to this wonderful typeface, but Lemon Milk Font is the most comparable and alternative.

What type of font is Heavitas Font?

It is a modern Sans-serif typeface with just one regular style available. It was developed by Mr. Deepak Dogra.

Is Heavitas Font free for commercial use?

No, you cannot use this lovely typeface for profit. For all other uses, both personal and business, it is free.

How can I download Heavitas Font?

Go to the download section in this post and just click on the download now button and your downloading starts automatically.

What is Heavitas Font? 

Heavitas Font is a free, open-source font created by Jovanny Lemonad. It is a sans serif typeface designed to be used for body text and other display purposes.

 How can I use Heavitas Font?

Heavitas Font can be used for personal and commercial purposes. It can be downloaded and used in any software that supports TrueType fonts. 

What license is Heavitas Font released under?

Heavitas Font is released under the SIL Open Font License. This license allows you to use the font for any purpose, including commercial use, as long as you give credit to the designer.

Where can I download Heavitas Font? 

Heavitas Font can be downloaded for free from Jovanny Lemonad’s website: jovanny.github.io/heavitas-font. 

How do I install Heavitas Font? 

Heavitas Font can be installed like any other TrueType font. On Windows, you can install the font by extracting the .ttf file from the ZIP archive and copying it to the C:Windows

Where can I find more information about Heavitas Font? 

If you have any questions or need help using Heavitas Font, you can contact Jovanny Lemonad through his website.

What are the supported languages of Heavitas Font? 

Heavitas Font supports a wide range of languages, including Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Vietnamese.

What are the different styles of Heavitas Font? 

Heavitas Font comes in four different styles: Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic.

What are the special features of Heavitas Font? 

Heavitas Font includes a number of special features, including discretionary ligatures, small caps, old-style numerals, and fractions. 

How can I get involved with the development of Heavitas Font?

 If you’re interested in helping to develop Heavitas Font, you can contact Jovanny Lemonad through his website: jovanny.github.io/heavitas-font.

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