Miraculous Ladybug Logo Font

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A popular and adorable typeface today is called Ladybug. The computer-generated imagery (CGI) superhero cartoon series The Miraculous Ladybug debuted on October 19, 2015, in France.

It has won several honors for its plot, visual effects, and fan base, including The Tell-Tale TV Awards, The UK Licensing Awards, Brazilian Toy Magazine Awards, and many more. It has now been released in three seasons, with a total of 65 episodes. As a result, several designers have repurposed its title and logo typeface for t-shirt printing, kids’ bags, and other uses.

Font Information

Font Name:Miraculous Ladybug Font Family
Style:Fancy, Logo, Various
Font Designer:Unknown
File Format:TTF
License:Not Free
Files:Miraculous Ladybug (Truetype)

Miraculous Ladybug Font Review

Miraculous Ladybug is an elegant script font with a vintage feel. The font is perfect for weddings, invitations, branding, and other formal occasions. It includes a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

Miraculous Ladybug Font Family

The Ladybug logo is mostly composed of two typefaces. The word “Miraculous” is written in Chocolate Dealer Font, while “Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir” is written in Lobster Font.

PabloImpallari designed the lobster typeface, while Billy Argel designed the Chocolate Dealer Font. So, if you want to use this movie typeface for your needs, you’ve come to the perfect location.

Without a doubt, we are releasing both of these movie typefaces for free. As a result, click the download button and install both of these stylish fonts on your laptop. And begin your adventure with them.

Character Map Image

Numbers / Numeros

Upcase / Maiusculas

Lowercase / Minusculas

Simbolos e Pontuacao/ Simbols


Language Support

Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Rhaeto-Romanic, Romanian, Saami (Southern), Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Sorbian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Turkmen (Latin), Afrikaans, Albanian, Basque, Bosnian, Breton, Catalan, Cornish, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, French, Frisian, Friulian, Gaelic (Irish, Scots).


For your cover or logos, don’t merely use 8 points of the typeface. You may type them to improve your appearance or use them as decorations for important occasions. Although some of your comments might have needed a lot of editing, I genuinely appreciate them all and found a lot of them to be quite beneficial. Due to the high quality of CGI, special effects movies nowadays are becoming more and more expensive. They include a lot of filmmakers and production companies, such as The Hobbit and Avengers. In these movies with special effects, fe lined is frequently employed. We urge you to be aware of this homegrown-free font on this website.

License Information

Take the example of wanting to implement Sifonn on your personal website. Alternately, you must utilize Sifonn for your company’s large type.


Is Miraculous font Free for commercial and personal use?

No, it is not free for commercial and personal uses. Use alternative fonts such as Times New Roman.

Miraculous is a serif typeface?

Yes, Miraculous is a serif typeface.

Did Miraculous support other languages?

Yes, Seinfeld font supports other languages, such as Greek, French, etc.

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