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Among the brush typeface family, Northwell Font is a lovely member. This brush typeface has a highly elegant appearance with a variety of characters available in two designs: completely smooth or rustic. This brush typeface was created in April 2018 by Sam Parrett, who is the primary creator.

NOTE: This font does not belong to this website but we have placed it on this website with permission from its owner.

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With its lovely strokes, this typeface has the coolest characters. Its whole set of extended swashes, stylistic alternatives, and ligatures makes it perfect for calligraphy designs, fantastic scripts, and signature designs. Because of its distinctive and endearing appearance, this typeface is appropriate for home décor projects, postcard layouts, brochures, and other designs.

This magnificent typeface is supported by many languages since many designers adore the structure of this brush-style font. If someone wants to make their designs more readable and distinctive, I advise pairing them with the excellent red lipstick font.

Northwell Font Information

NameNorthwell Font
DesignerSam Parrett
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseAllowed for Personal Use
TypeFree Version

Character Map

License Information

You must pay for the licensing of this typeface if you want the premium version, which comes with infinite features.

Reason to Use Northwell Font

This high-quality brush typeface is appropriate for a variety of traditional text design applications. This typeface may be used for the headlines and titles of various pages and paragraphs. This amazing typeface is ideal for the amazing logo designs of various casinos, restaurants, businesses, and organizations.

It is extensively used for branding, article titles, hotel names, post descriptions, invoices, general reports, comic book titles, and quote designs. Many web designers use this font to give your PowerPoint presentations and Canva creations an excellent look. Additionally helpful with Adobe programs like Photoshop and Premiere, this contemporary typeface.

You may design labels, menus, social media posts, greeting cards, brochure layouts, video games, movie logos, watermark logos, and more. You can even make a website and blog themes. By utilizing this typeface, you may create designs right away. It is also ideal for blending with the road rage typeface.

Northwell Font Family

  • Northwell-Bold
  • Northwell Clean
  • Northwell Rustic
  • Northwell-Light
  • Northwell Regular
  • Northwell Italic

Alternatives of Northwell Font

  • Caveat Brush Font
  • Tokyo Street font
  • Terry Script Font
  • Jan Hand Font
  • Wild Words font
  • Vibur Font
  • Kimmun Font
  • Tefang Island Font
  • Yellowtail Font
  • Groundnut Fon

Supported Language

The Northwell font is a custom typeface that was developed for Northwell Health, which is a healthcare system in the United States. It is not a widely available font and is likely only used by Northwell Health and its affiliated organizations. Therefore, it would not be supported by any specific countries, but rather by the organization itself.

However, if you’re looking for language support in a font, then it depends on the font that you’re using. Not all fonts support all languages. It can be checked by the Character set support, OpenType features and Glyphs availability in that font.

It is always recommended to check the documentation or information available with the font or with the font designer/foundry regarding the language support.

Northwell Font Free Download

If you’re looking for a free version of this font, we provide the brush typeface in a free form that you may use for all of your non-commercial projects. To acquire the free version, simply click the download button below.


Where can we use Northwell Font?

This typeface is suitable for a variety of hand-made styles, textured designs, logo designs, brochure layouts, and specially commissioned artwork.

What kind of font is Northwell Font?

This magnificent font is a member of the font family’s brush subcategory. It was produced in 2018 and created by Sam Parrett.

Is there any similar font to Northwell Font?

There is a tonne of fonts that may be used in place of this typeface, however, the hidden script font is the one that comes the closest to resembling this brush font.

Can I use the generator tool of Northwell Font?

Its generating tool is available to everyone and is suited for turning your straightforward text into images.

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