Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Embarking on a journey of higher education in Canada, free from financial worries, is a tantalizing prospect. Here’s your gateway to a wealth of Canadian scholarships for international students, carefully curated for the year 2024 by Opportunities Circle. With these scholarships, your aspirations of studying in Canada can seamlessly transform into reality.

Canada shines as a beacon for global learners, generously offering an array of scholarships each year. These scholarships, generously provided by governmental bodies and universities alike, cater to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Many encompass not only tuition fees but also provisions for books and travel. Moreover, several universities extend monthly stipends, ensuring a fully funded academic experience for international scholars. For those with outstanding academic achievements but limited financial resources, Canada emerges as an ideal destination, with numerous institutions extending scholarships, awards, and grants.

Before diving into the top Canadian scholarships for international aspirants, let’s ponder over why Canada magnetizes countless learners worldwide. Beyond its picturesque landscapes, Canada boasts a distinguished higher education system. As one of the most developed nations, Canada flings open its doors to students globally, fostering a diverse educational milieu year after year. With an unwavering focus on education, Canada has witnessed a remarkable surge in its literacy rate, soaring to an impressive 99% as of 2018, a testament to the government’s unwavering commitment to education.

Canada stands tall as one of the safest and most hospitable havens for international scholars. With its multicultural ethos and high standards of education and living, Canada beckons earnest seekers of knowledge. The nation presents a cornucopia of fully funded scholarship opportunities, rendering it an irresistible choice for those harboring dreams of pursuing higher education.

Each year, a throng of over 250,000 scholars flock to Canada, drawn by its top-tier universities and comparatively affordable tuition fees. With ten universities featured in the QS World University Rankings 2021, Canada offers a kaleidoscope of undergraduate and graduate programs, tailored to suit the needs of international students.

In comparison to sought-after study destinations like the UK, USA, and Australia, Canada often emerges as a more economical option for international learners. Furthermore, the availability of fully funded scholarships further alleviates financial constraints, amplifying its allure.

If Canada beckons you for your academic pursuits, it’s prudent to explore the plethora of scholarship options at your disposal. Seize these opportunities with gusto and embark on your educational odyssey in this vibrant and inclusive nation.

Here’s a glimpse of the Canadian scholarships for international scholars in 2024:

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF) 2024 | Study in Canada:
Unlock a myriad of benefits through the UMGF graduate fellowship in Canada, meticulously compiled by Opportunities Circle, provided you meet the specified eligibility criteria.

Benefits of Scholarships at the University of Manitoba, Canada:
The UMGF bestows substantial financial support upon scholars, encompassing tuition fees, living expenses, and research-related costs. Master’s level awards can fetch up to $14,000 per year for 12 or 24 months, totaling a maximum of $28,000. Doctoral-level awards can soar up to $18,000 annually for 12, 24, 36, or 48 months, with a maximum total value of $72,000. The 2024-2025 UMGF boasts varied durations, enabling scholars to synchronize the award with their academic plans and research endeavors. UMGF also nurtures research endeavors, providing ample time for in-depth studies and scholarly contributions. Merit-based, the fellowship acknowledges and rewards exceptional academic prowess, scholarly potential, and dedication.

One Young World Scholarships 2024 | OYW Summit in Canada:
An extraordinary opportunity awaits through the One Young World Scholarships for 2024, covering all expenses for scholars. These fully funded scholarships offer an array of benefits:

Benefits of the One Young World Summit Scholarships:
During the OYW Summit period, scholars relish complimentary hotel accommodations. Delegates selected for the One Young World Scholarship 2024 receive coverage for travel expenses from their home country to Montreal, Canada, and back. Additionally, meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are provided. This presents a platform to emerge as future youth leaders and secure membership as One Young World Ambassadors. Delegates also seize the opportunity to connect with peers and articulate their concerns on a global platform at the International Summit 2024 in Canada.

Brighter Living Scholarship 2024 to Attend OYW Summit in Canada | Fully Funded:

The Brighter Living Scholarship 2024 offers a fully funded opportunity for individuals to attend the One Young World (OYW) Summit in Canada. Covering most expenses, this prestigious scholarship ensures participants can immerse themselves fully in the summit experience without financial constraints.

University of Toronto Scholarships:
International scholars eyeing studies at the University of Toronto can vie for various scholarships available for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Fully funded or partially funded, these scholarships provide financial succor to cover tuition fees. Renowned as Canada’s premier university, it is celebrated for its excellent scholarship opportunities for international students.

Dalhousie University Scholarship:
Dalhousie University extends a gamut of scholarships and awards for international scholars pursuing master’s and PhD programs in Canada. With varying deadlines, these scholarships offer financial assistance ranging from $10,000 to $40,000 towards tuition fees for up to two years, ideal for those seeking partial funding for their postgraduate studies.

York University Scholarships in Canada:
International undergraduates eyeing studies in Canada can explore the array of scholarships offered by York University. With a variety of awards available, scholars can pursue their desired field at the university. From the Academic Excellence Scholarship to the President’s International Excellence Scholarship, these scholarships partially fund studies, making York University an enticing choice for international students.

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