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Inklings in Splatoon Font can transform between humanoid and squid forms, making them capable of using a variety of weapons to spray ink on surfaces.

It was developed and published by Nintendo. We are going to look at Splatoon Fonts and how you can get them now. The game is known for its colorful and quirky art style, which is reflected in the fonts used in the game.

Splatoon Font (Official)

Splatoon.2 Font (Official)

Splatoon.3 Font (Official)

Foo Font

There is a font called Foo Fonts that resembles the Splatoon Game logo and lettering. It was designed by Raymond Larabie for Typodermic and published by Typodermic. It is based on the lettering style popular in the early 20th century, which used a wide nib pen. You can download it or check out our font generator today.

Inkling v2 Font

With many variations and alternates, the Inkling font mimics the style of characters from the Splatoon video game series. With a lively and playful feel, it is ideal for creating stand-out logos and headlines.

It is a font created by Eli Fessler based on the SplatNet 2 application for the video game Splatoon. The font is based on the fictional language spoken by the Inklings in Splatoon. It sounds like a combination of English, Japanese, and other languages.

Dreamland STD Font

Many mistakenly consider Dreamland to be a Splatoon font. However, it is not a Splatoon font. The font was designed by John Roshell, a comic book owner and comic book letterer.

This font is a regular OpenType font with 255 glyphs and supports many languages. Some letters are decorated with stars or swirls.

Shadowcard Gothic Font

Designed by Jim Parkinson, who works for The Font Bureau, Inc., Showcard Gothic is a cheerful and theatrical font based on lettering artists’ showcards from the 1920s and 1930s. Using Showcard Gothic for personal purposes is free; however, you will need to contact the author for commercial use.


A great example of how fonts can enhance the video game experience is Splatoon. In addition to creating a distinctive visual identity for the game and communicating its tone and personality, the Splatoon font is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile.

The Splatoon font can be downloaded from the links we provided above, or you can use our Splatoon Font Generator to make custom texts for your projects. In addition to our Splatoon font generator, you might also like our Times New Bastard Font, Persona 5, and Monster Inc. Font. If you like this generator, you might also like some of our other fonts and generators.


What Is the Splatoon Font?

Nintendo created the Splatoon font for the Splatoon video game series. This font has a graffiti-style script look with a playful and energetic feel. It has a lot of variations and alternates, so you can create dynamic logos and headlines. Splatoon 3 Font is the latest version of the Splatoon font, whereas Splatoon 2 Font is its previous version. Nintendo also released the updated font with the new Splatoon game.

You can download the original Splatoon and Splatoon 2 fonts from the SplatNet 2 app.

How To Use Splatoon Font Generator?

Follow these simple steps to use our Font Generator.

  1. In the text box, enter your text.
  2. Drop-down menus let you select a font.
  3. Text size can be adjusted with the slider or by typing a number.
  4. The color picker or hex code can be used to choose the color for your text.
  5. Use the same methods as above to choose a background color or image.
  6. To see your text in Splatoon style, click on the Generate button.
  7. Click on the Download Preview button when you are satisfied with your results.

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