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In 1994, Supreme(Supreme Font) was born. At first, it was a small skate shop in downtown Manhattan. Later, he established a chain of stores that promoted street style and started working with fashion designers, artists, photographers, skateboarders, and celebrities. Using youth culture as a guideline, the manufacturer occupied its niche.

Futura Heavy Oblique is used in the famous red and white Supreme Box logo. It was designed by Paul Renner for Bauer Type Foundry in 1927. Bold letters are written in italics with a slope to the right. It is grotesque and inspired by simple geometric shapes, including circles and rectangles. Despite the absence of serifs, rounded elements bend smoothly.

Supreme Font Information

NameSupreme Font
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseFreeware, Non-Commercial
DesignerRoger Excoffon
TypeFree Version

Character Map

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Supreme Font History

It is believed that the Supreme font was created after the popular brand Supreme existed in New York. A popular brand in the 1920s, the Supreme brand gained worldwide recognition almost immediately. The font used on the logo proved to be a real hit, and the font made many appearances afterward. Its letters are very similar to those of Futura Bold Italic, a sans-serif design by the same designer.

This font is a great choice for places where the text needs to be highlighted because of its eye-catching red and white colors. These fonts are both well-known in the typeface design market and are often used by designers as their first choice. If we talk about other alternatives to Supreme font, there is certainly quite a long list.

Supported Languages


Since this font has been used so frequently on Logos, it is always a priority to use it in such places. However, when it is paired with distro font, it can and has been used on a variety of other platforms as well. Let’s look at those platforms where it has appeared and has been used many times over the years.

1- Logos

Since it was used on the Supreme clothing brand’s logo, it has been used for such purposes. Even though it was released decades ago, it has never gone out of style. As this typeface makes texts more appealing and readable, it can be found on the logos of every brand.

2- Entertainment

There is no better typeface for the entertainment industry than Supreme font, which is filled with fun vibes and gives it an appealing touch. As this typeface has previously been used for different music videos and movie logos, you should consider it for such purposes in the future.

3- Others

So where else can you use this typeface? With its appealing colors and lettering, it can make any project a big success. This typeface can be used in a wide range of applications, including websites, projects, headings, advertisements, assignments, etc.

Supreme Font View

Similar Fonts To Supreme Font

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License Information

If you want to avail all of its features, then you should purchase the font license. For a relatively low price, you can purchase the font license from anywhere and use it anywhere you like while sitting anywhere in the world. Using this captivating and attractive typeface will make your commercial, digital, and printing projects stand out.


Ultimately, we have explored the unique features of the Supreme Font throughout this article, discussing how it seamlessly adapts to a variety of design contexts. It stands out as a remarkable typographic choice that effortlessly blends versatility and elegance. With clean lines and a modern aesthetic, it is an excellent choice both for digital and print applications.

There is no loss of visual impact between bold headlines and subtle body text thanks to the font’s adaptability. In addition to conveying sophistication while maintaining readability, this font is versatile enough to be used for a variety of projects.

Moreover, we explored Supreme Font’s compatibility with various design elements, demonstrating its ability to complement multiple graphics and layouts. This adaptability allows designers to experiment with compositions, resulting in visually appealing results.

The Supreme Font functions not only as a typographic tool but also as a design companion that elevates a variety of projects across a wide range of media. Designers seeking to leave a lasting impression with well-crafted and aesthetically pleasing typography can benefit from its versatility and elegance. The Supreme Font stands strong as a timeless choice as trends evolve, enhancing any project with its visual appeal.


What Type of Font Is Supreme Font?

As with the Supreme brand of clothing located in New York, Supreme is a sans-serif typeface that was inspired by its logo font. Although the font originated many years ago, it remains widely popular today.

Who Designed the Supreme Font?

Designed in the 1920s by Paul Renner, a well-known typeface graphic designer, who was known for his outstanding work in typeface design.

Is Supreme Font Free to Use?

Free fonts can be used for personal projects, but they cannot be used commercially. After buying the license, you can use the font on both personal and commercial projects.

Which Font Carries Most Similarities with Supreme Font?

There are a lot of similarities between the lettering in the supreme font and the lettering in the Futura Font, a sans-serif typeface equally respected and admired.

Where the Supreme Font Can Be Used?

There are several purposes for this font family, including website design, logo design, posters, body text, etc. It improves readability.

What Is a Supreme Font Generator?

You can use this free tool online for different purposes, but the main reason is to create font logos and posters without downloading fonts.

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