What Font and Size is Used in APA Format?

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GENERAL APA GUIDELINES; Type your essay on A-4 paper, leaving 112″ on all sides for margins. The recommended typeface is easy to read. APA advises using a 12 pt Create the running-head section above the title to put the page header. The title of the paper should be written in all capital letters, followed by the last name of the author. the top with a number after that. Every page has this number at the very top.

Major Paper Sections

Your essay will include four major sections: a Title Page, an Abstract,


The paper’s title, the names of the authors, and the institution to which they are affiliated should all appear on the title page. Include the page header (mentioned above) flush left at the top of the page, followed by the page number flush right. Please be aware that your page header and running head should appear as follows on the title page: Operating head: YOUR PAPER’S TITLE The running head for the pages that follow the title page should resemble this:


  1. I discovered that the Brevard County Library’s example run head fonts for the APA’s sample questions for first printing students are inaccurate after speaking with published professionals at OWL. Additionally, this page has a comprehensive record of all the mistakes the APA has made.
  2. In a way, words serve as currency in the world. Style rags may be thought of as a home of the collection since cards, rather from one manager or another, are utilized at various points in time. They can also be used as money and considered a stock or commodity. Others have burned.
  3. Paraphrase using the same rules as above. use the first name and middle initial of the author (s),
  4. Detail the institution affiliation under the author’s name. It should state the author’s location.


The study was designed to examine the influence of personality traits on the academic performance of students in tertiary institutions. This study was guided by Eysenck’s theory of personality. The study adopted a descriptive research design of the survey type. The population of the study comprised all the students in tertiary institutions in Lagos State, Nigeria. The sample for the study was made up of 2,000 students drawn from the different tertiary institutions in Lagos State. The instrument used for data collection was a structured questionnaire. The instrument was validated by experts in the field of measurement and evaluation. The reliability of the instrument was established using the Cronbach alpha technique.

Data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation. Findings from the study showed that personality traits influence the academic performance of students in tertiary institutions. Findings from the study also showed that there is a significant difference in the academic performance of students with different personality traits. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended that tertiary institutions should carry out personality tests on students before admission. Start a new page in your summary. Enter the number that is the equivalent of 1.0 on a grading curve on page 11. Center the word “Abstract” in the

Social media is becoming a more important tool for promoting civic participation and voter turnout. President Obama urged the world to draw attention to the potential and difficulties of American democracy’s past, present, and future during his inauguration in 2013. He said that Democratic voters might now participate in the process in this “new universe of networks and technologies.”

To further help scientists find your work, keep your list of keywords in your abstract as a reminder of what you wrote about in your dissertation. 

 How to cite Wild:

  • The names of the authors or the date the page was last changed are not present in the page template for the new OWL site. But other sites still provide this information, such as the Citation Style Chart.
  • Use the abbreviation “n.d.” for “no date” in the absence of contributor/edit date information and treat the page as a source with a group author:
  • Online Writing Lab at Purdue (n.d.). Resource’s name. retrieved from OWL resource address
  • Online Writing Lab at Purdue (n.d.). Writers’ FAQs in general. obtained from
  • The standard APA citation for OWL pages is as follows, including the author and modification date information:
  • names of contributors. (Date last edited) Resource’s name. retrieved from OWL resource address

Frequently asked questions:


How do I format a footnote in APA Style?

Superscript numerals are used in APA footnotes, and they must be arranged numerically. Footnotes can be included at the bottom of the relevant pages or at the end on a separate footnotes page:

You may use your word processor to automatically insert footnotes for the page’s bottom. Put footnotes after the reference page on a separate page labeled “Footnotes” for APA footnotes at the conclusion of the text. Each footnote should have its first line indented and be double-spaced. For both approaches, place a space between the superscript number and the footnote text.

 Do I need footnotes in AP?

APA form calls for in-text citations. Every now and then, however, you can use APAdhering to copyright

Do I need to use a serial comma? 

Yes, according to APA writing guidelines, you must always use a serial comma to divide your three main ideas. Only adjectives that strongly coordinate and are united by a linking word, such as “and” or “but,” are subject to the aforementioned criterion. following the coordinating word

Is the passive voice allowed in APA Style?

Yes, it is possible to write the statement in the passive person; nevertheless, if there is no other option, it may be preferable to use the action. The APA style manual cautions against using the Passive voice excessively because The passive voice works best when the activity is just being done, regardless of who or what conducted it. “The projector was put on the wall,” as an illustration. Using this phrase instead of “James and I mounted the

Can I Write in the First Person in APA Style?

Yes, the first-person pronouns “I” or “we” should be used when speaking about oneself or a group that includes you in your work, according to APA style requirements. You shouldn’t use the third person to address oneself in APA style. Use “I” or “me” instead of pronouncing yourself as “the researcher” or “the author,” for instance. An ancient academic practice, referring to oneself in the third person, is now mostly seen as confusing and superfluous.

How To Talk About the Work of Multiple Authors?

You may distinguish among sources published by the same author or group of writers when you list them by the year that they were printed or written in-text. When citing many works by the same author(s) at the same time, you can just write the author(s)’ names once and use commas to separate the various years, as in (Smith, 2021, 2022).

When referencing sources with the same author(s) and publication year, follow the year with a distinct lowercase letter for each source, for example (Smith, 2020, 2021a, 2022b). The matching reference entries should get the same letters added.

What Statistical Results Do You Need To Report According to APA Style?

The APA rules state that you must include adequate information on inferential statistics so that your audience may comprehend your analysis. Exact p-value for the degrees of freedom for the test statistic (unless it is less than 0.001) Where appropriate, you should also include estimates of the amount of the effect as well as its magnitude and direction.

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