What Font does Facebook use in its app and website?

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What Font does Facebook use in its app and website? Facebook uses a custom font called “Facebook Letter Faces” in its app and website. This font is a proprietary font developed by Facebook and it is not available for public use. It’s used across all of Facebook’s products, including its app and website, as well as on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus. The font is designed to be highly legible and easy to read, with a clean and modern look.

In addition to the custom font, Facebook also uses the “Roboto” font for some parts of the website. Roboto is a sans-serif typeface family developed by Google and it is available under an Apache license.

Facebook’s logo Font

The typeface Klavika, created by Eric Olson, is modified for use in the Facebook logo. The Process Type Foundry created the sans serif font family Klavika, and Cuban Council made a few minor adjustments. The font used in Facebook’s logo is a custom font called “Facebook Letter Faces“. This font was created specifically for Facebook and it is not publicly available.

The font is based on the Klavika font family, which is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Eric Olson in 2004. The letters of Facebook’s logo are slightly customized from the original font. The font is designed to be highly legible and easy to read, with a clean and modern look. It’s used across all of Facebook’s products, including its app and website, as well as on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus.


Mark Zuckerberg was hired to develop a logo from scratch, not only to design the Facebook logo. KLAVIKA was then utilized by the Cuban Council’s designers to improve the logo and increase its appeal. People who attempt to accomplish this encounter so many difficulties that they decide to identify as Space Horses and search for names that are understood by everybody. Name a spacecraft for the engineers of the twenty-first century.

In smaller situations, typefaces featuring bold all-capital, huge caps, retro digits, arrows, and ligatures are clearly readable. Bold lowercase, on the other hand, provides a considerably greater overall definition.

Fonts similar to Klavika


Ruda resembles Klavika in a few applications and even has certain “Sinjin”-like characteristics as a typeface. But Ruda is a typeface that was first created for a particular purpose.


Titillium was created as a result of the Master of Visual Design Course in Design Style’s collaborative typeface project. The development of the typeface itself to begin a collaborative project each year, in front of other students and at the same time the mentors, is the course’s objective, which is still inflated.

Neo Sans

The Neo Sans collection of sans serif typefaces was created by UT Press and is exquisitely crafted to provide designs that are friendlier, more approachable, and more accessible. For both newspapers and brands searching for unique typefaces.

The primary color for Facebook’s

Facebook employs five different color schemes throughout the majority of its marketing materials and website design. Of the five Facebook Blue bars, 0e1f56 is the darkest. 3b5998 is the next-lightest blue.

Facebook’s Font

Depending on the social networking site, the typeface may change. They use Segoe UI letters on laptops and computers running Windows 8. They employ Roboto and Helvetica Neue for iOS and Android devices, respectively. Since these styles lack serifs, they are simpler and less complicated than serif fonts.

Facebook’s New Font

The typeface Segoe UI is sans-serif. It is used for user interface text and some online user assistance materials in Microsoft products with the goal of enhancing how well all text is understood by customers across all languages. A typeface in the Russian language called Segoe Universal resembles Russian or the recognizable Russian letters A, B, and

Font Similar to Segoe UI


After its designer, Adrian Frutiger, comes the exquisite sans-serif typeface known as Frutiger. In terms of architecture, the Frutiger family is arranged in a way that makes it simple for someone to recognize and recognize it as a universal-style font. It is neither absolutely geometric nor holistic.

Despite having its beginnings on a giant screen on a wall at an airport terminal, the new font family as a whole has gained popularity in recent years. Weight is still the basis for writing.

Facebook’s font on Apple computers:

San Francisco

A new font has been launched by Apple Inc. in the US. The American neo-grotesque typeface, which was developed more than 20 years ago, is sans-serif.

Similar types of San Francisco-


Aeletis is a grotesque sans-serif typeface that was made popular by designer Lineto by the name of Laurenz Brunner. In 2004, she wrote it and released it. She started to get a lot of praise from the critics soon after its release. The typeface is, in fact, well-known by this point.


Adrian Frutiger created the neo-grotesque Swiss font Univers. Along with Folio and Helvetica, two other well-known neo-grotesques, it was released in 1957.

The globe is meant to resemble the Earth in the Joint Action of CRTC/original CAB’s emblem, while the Shapes are meant to symbolize the continents (Stone).


Roboto is a hideous sans-serif typeface that was developed in 2011 by Christian Robertson and made popular by Google. Roboto is a split personality. Its forms are primarily geometric and it has an automated skeleton.

At the same time, the embodied typefaces of Roboto show warm and welcoming curves. Roboto’s letters aren’t distorted, allowing them to develop the natural reading rhythm found in humanist and serif typefaces.

Facebook and Helvetica

A designer named Karsten Sparling created Helvetica Nue, an updated variant of the Helvetica font family. It is a basic, clean, readable typeface with a variety of weights and styles that places the emphasis on the text rather than the typeface. It is among the most well-known and widely utilized.

What Font Does Facebook Use in Their Logo?

I’m going to cover even more typography than I had anticipated in the next 20 posts.

You may have noticed that Geneva is indeed being used in your Facebook timeline posts by the new Facebook family font; if you’re a fan of typefaces or fonts or even a typeface nerd, you’ll probably know it. After the election, three years passed, and on a Saturday morning


FACEBOOK Is the new typeface on Facebook too big? Susan Kare wanted to provide a quick report on the firm as she finished her first typographic design assignment at Apple Computers.

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