What Font Does TikTok Use?

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The Font used for the Classic TikTok font is Proxima Nova – Semibold. It’s part of the Proxima Nova typeface family, which is free for personal use but not for commercial use. Proxima Nova was designed by Mark Simonson and released after re-fined in 1994.

If you’ve already licensed Proxima Nova and have permission to use it, that’s fantastic. If not, you’ll need a totally royalty-free typeface to cover all of your bases. Montserrat and Montserrat Semibold are both excellent replacements for the Classic TikTok typeface.

About the Ticktock

TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing social networking website owned by ByteDance. It was first published in September 2016. Douyin is the Chinese name for it. The web-based media stage is used to create a variety of short-structure recordings ranging from fifteen seconds to one minute in length, such as dancing, parody, and teaching. TikTok is currently extensively utilized and popular in various nations across the world.

People are more interested in TikTok’s logo font because its lettering logo is highly appealing. Our team picked a typeface as its logo font after a week of research Proxima Nova – Semibold.

Font Similar To TIKTOK Font

The following Fonts are similar to the Ticktock font. If you don’t have a Proxima Nova license you can use them freely.

Harmonia Sans

The greatest geometric sans-serif currently available was created by Jim Wasco and is called Harmonia Sans. It works well in print and on-screen and is quite readable. Additionally, it is multilingual. Jim Wasco has produced using his extensive design knowledge, such as Gun Fantha & Wine Cornea, which was published by Fantha Layout.

This typeface comes in a variety of variants with comparable appearances, including Museo Sans, Museo Slab, Futura, and others. It’s free software. It may be downloaded for nothing. From the download button on the right, you can get this font for free. However, you may purchase this font from the correct owner if you want to use it for business purposes. After the download button, use the correct Buy button to purchase the Futura font.


The Sofia font is a sans-serif typeface with a soft and friendly appearance. It is named after the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, and was designed by Bulgarian-type designer Svetoslav Simov. The Sofia font family includes six weights, from light to black, each with italic versions. Istok Web font Istok Web is a sans serif typeface with a strong geometric structure. It was designed by Serbian-type designer Vladimir Nedeljković and is available in seven weights, from light to black, each with an italic version.

Lora font Lora is a serif typeface with a classic feel. It was designed by Polish type designer Cereal and is available in four weights, from light to bold, each with an italic version. PT Serif font PT Serif is a serif typeface with a moderate contrast between thick and thin strokes. It was designed by Russian type designers Alexandra Korolkova and Olga Umpeleva and is available in four weights, from light to bold, each with an italic version. Fira Sans font Fira Sans is a sans serif typeface with a humanist feel.

It was designed by Erik Spiekermann and Ralph du Carrois and is available in four weights, from light to bold, each with an italic version. Merriweather font Merriweather is a serif typeface with a large x-height and a moderate contrast between thick and thin strokes. It was designed by Eben Sorkin and is available in four weights, from light to bold, each with an italic version.

Sofia has a lively demeanor and is also a writer of old Italian love letters in cursive with improvised flourishes.

 Get some free TikTok fonts and generate TikTok

Influencer Marketing

Unlike other social media platforms, the TikTok of today is a combination of two well-known apps: the original TikTok and Musical.ly.

TikTok had significant growth in web traffic in 2018 as developers continued to introduce new features to the well-liked social video platform. The addition of a more recent feature—the ability to put text in your videos—helped TikTok keep expanding.

Advanced TikTok text-generation features are also available, including premade layouts, effects, and typefaces. Although users don’t have access to whole font families’ breadth and variety, it is much simpler to select certain fonts for things like music videos where the song’s title plays first before any kind of caption.

TikTok LipGlow Makeup

You may edit the text in your Facebook bio or username using this straightforward online tool that generates content in the Facebook style. You only need to enter your Facebook information, choose a font, and choose a backdrop color on this sort of generator right now.

Using Text in TikTok 

In a movie you create, you’ll notice two different spots where there is more text space. The first is the back end, where you may type in your user name or a video’s bio. During the third step of video creation, you add subtitles to your video. After you shoot videos, you add them.

Utilize the Plus symbol that appears in the bottom center of the TikTok screen to create a video. This opens your perspective of the camera, allowing you to record and edit your video.

The choice is not what you anticipate for two key reasons. It should be clear that your choice will depend on your current circumstances. You must decide whether to frequently record such videos using TikTok while indoors (perhaps setting a timer to start the movie); or whether to limit your filming to outside activities (which would make you find yourself more likely to use the selfie camera). The price of your smartphone is another relevant factor.

Your TikTok scenes may be made even better by using filters and replacement effects, which also let you add amusing text to the scenes and watch them after editing.

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