What Font Does Twitter Use?

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Twitter’s popularity is a result of its usability for both personal and professional networking. Due to the fact that it combines both personal and commercial accounts, it is incredibly successful.

There is no shortage of insightful and captivating stuff on Twitter. One of the finest features is that users may access this informative and enjoyable stuff even when they are not using a computer. They may be easier to read if they use typefaces that don’t adhere to the specific style. Over the years, Twitter’s typefaces have seen a number of changes. What font does Twitter use, then, in both the app and the browser?

Twitter’s website has been changed, but its mobile applications still use outdated designs and typefaces. Here is how the Twitter website appears on various gadgets.

The font for Twitter for Android, Mac, and Windows devices are shown below.

  •  Apps on Android use Roboto.
  • The Twitter iOS app used the San Francisco font
  • Twitter’s Mac version uses the Helvetica

Latest Update

If you look at recent tweets, you’ll see that Twitter has undergone a facelift. You’re right to be interested since Twitter updated the Twitter browser and changed its typeface. Twitter debuted a new typeface on Wednesday. The first typeface that Twitter has modified is this one. Twitter is still having trouble getting users to adapt to the new typeface. The Chicagoland Printing Company’s typefaces have a clean yet unpolished look.

The design has evolved beyond American Gothic and into a more modern look. In order to establish a mobile system based on iOS, Twitter adopted a prototype that used the bold, San Francisco Sans typeface. After a few changes were made and the prototype was given a name. Whether the new “Chirp” typeface that displays on your Twitter page will be there permanently is unknown. But the post made no mention of changing the style. We can only rely on the general public to effect the most impact in the short run.

What Font Does Twitter Use Across Devices?

  • Helvetica Neue Twitter applies fonts across its Android, Mac, and Windows clients. In the Android version, Twitter, The official Twitter font is called “Helvetica Neue”, which is a sans-serif typeface that was designed in 1983.


What font does Twitter use for its posts?

There is a lot to learn from Twitter dialogue and culture, despite all the issues and many Twitter accounts losing interest so quickly after being launched. Additionally, there are many lovely font styles and varieties available for use in Twitter postings, making it easier for you to read at will and determine your wants.

Helvetica Neue: Helvetica Neue is the foremost font for the Twitter web on both smartphones and tablets.

Segoe UI: This font is specifically designed to work well

Twitter: This clean new font for tablets or phones on Twitter’s web.

Ubuntu font: Ubuntu, is a free open-source font.

sans-serif: font, a wide variety of fonts can be used for the web version of the site.

What Font does Twitter use on Android?

 Android font is generally recognized as one of the best and most innovative fonts. It originated in 2011.
The Roboto typeface has no particular traditions, although it has a number of characteristics in common with other grotesque fonts. This typeface combines a number of grotesques with unusual geometric shapes including straight lines and curves. Forms that seem mechanical are supplemented by open and even asymmetrical shapes. It emerges from these kinds of constituents.

Alternatives for the Roboto Twitter text font


Laurenz Brunner’s studio, Akkurat, is situated in Switzerland. This typeface, which debuted with Utter, was developed in 1998 and has five sans-serif typefaces, three of which varied in weight. These font selections

DIN 2014

“Din” was written in its earliest known form in 1931. The fact that Albert-Jan Pool changed the typeface and released it indicates that this was done on purpose in an effort to create a font that would work with some engineering and technical application designs. Traffic signs and warnings

What Font Does Twitter Use in the Mac Version?

Helvetica Neue

Since its debut more than 35 years ago, Helvetica is still widely used on websites. After the more robust Helvetica Bold, it is the second after the update’s 1983 introduction.


The font that Twitter uses for its “You Text? We Type” feature is very reader-friendly and has a uniform style. The font also came with an interesting feature.


It is certain that the excellent typesetting of each of the six available weights of the Roboto typeface, created by Google, has contributed to its growing popularity. The typeface is appropriate for easy reading of pictures.

Open Sans

A font that is neither overtly welcoming nor ornate was created by Steve Matteson. With plenty of upper-case characters, wide apertures, and crisp, upright stress, it blends neutrality and clarity. True Italic style may be seen in this typeface.

What Font does Twitter use in its Windows Version?


The font Montenegro, which was developed by Andrew Janise Wei in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Argentina, in 1982, is formed out of Grotesque fragments.

Although only roughly 60% of websites use some variation of Comic Sans, this sort of font is frequently used on websites to add strong text and space out logos and adverts.

Segoe UI

The third UI typeface for Microsoft products is called Segoe UI, and it may be used in user guidance to let people know what Exit in their address bar means. Other UI faces from Monotype Imaging for Microsoft programmes include Tahoma and Lucida Grande. The use of many languages nowadays has led to some functionality in one language being unavailable in the others. most of the time.

Open Sans

Numerous designers employed Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic letters to produce this 897-character font family. The Latin was created by Matteson. Because it enhances user experience, Open Sans is the font of choice for websites. It is readable and complements both the web and mobile interfaces.

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