What Font Does YouTube Use?

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You may edit the backdrop that appears as your video thumbnail or banner on YouTube. The options may first appear restricted, but after you know there are many distinct leading fonts, you’ll be astounded by the impact just a few different fonts can have. You should think about creating your own as most viral videos have their own unique thumbnails, according to many YouTube data. You will gain from it since it will assist to promote your own material.

This article will explain the rationale behind the selection of particular typefaces for thumbnail creation. We have put together a selection of 25 fonts for YouTube thumbnails and banners that will wow your viewers and aid in the development of your brand.

Learn how the Google algorithm dictates your video thumbnail

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Best Youtube Font for 2022

  • When it comes to choosing a YouTube font there are four questions you
  • Is it stylish?
  • How does the error appear
  • Is the font easy to read
  • And most importantly — Wouldyouclick it?
  • Choose this tool. It will be the best of options and meets all your

Cool Fonts for Youtube Banners and Thumbnails

Traveler typeface 

The typeface “Traveller Typeface” is similar to those used for clear, bold text in Amazon package shipment notifications and other mockups and commercials alike.

Impact (free)

A vibrant strong typeface is one of the most widely used fonts for thumbnail text on the internet. It is a free typeface that may be customized to your preferences to effectively communicate with your audience. That wordplay, ah!

PewDiePie, one of the most well-known YouTube producers, has been utilizing the Impact typeface in many of his videos for a while. With over 100 million members, he clearly has a competitive advantage in the click-through rate game because of his use of humorous pictures and complementary typefaces to create aesthetically appealing thumbnails.

River Drive

The free “Rivers” typeface from Google Fonts is offered for use in individual projects. The licensed version charges for the usage of the “Chronos One” font. When you have a video to publish, you may simply change the background to block yourself out of the background noise. Having a distinct backdrop can help you since your viewers can’t leave when you’re watching another video without pausing to watch other videos.

This is the page of River Drive font. It was created by Iconian Fonts. This font is free and can be used without any restrictions. It was published on Fontzzz.com on Saturday 31st of March 2012 at 11:03 AM and was placed in the “Fancy – Decorative” category. A version of the River Drive font is “Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.2 8/23/05”. You can download the River Drive font for free by clicking the download button. This font was compressed in a ZIP archive for your convenience. It contains 1 font file. RiverDrive.ttf Preview Map Waterfall More fonts: Ridiculous Decorations font 2019-04-07 Views: 479 Downloads: 18 Created by Manfred Klein Added:Views:Downloads: Mascara font 2012-12-14 Views: 516 Downloads: 13 Created by Daniel Linssen Added:Views:Downloads: Floral Decoration font 2019-04-07 Views: 582 Downloads: 28 Created by Fontry Added:Views:Downloads:

DK Mandarin Whispers 

On thumbnails, the phrase “and especially if you produce lifestyle or vacation videos” has occasionally shown in Chinese. There are several variations of the DK Mandarin Whispers typeface that may be used to create banners, headlines, pictures, and more. The whimsical and distinctive features of DK Mandarin Whispers make it suitable for use as a splash page, slideshow, meme poster, and more.


For YouTube videos, this is an excellent typeface to use while your thumbs try to grab the viewer’s attention. Bebas is perfect for producing tutorials, demonstrations, and instructive films since it makes your thumbnail stand out in white and black. For both personal and professional purposes, each downloadable typeface is offered without cost.

 Juan Cock

Juan Cock isn’t a brand-new typeface, but it does have a contemporary, manly sense. You should think about utilising it. This two-column typeface is simple and may be used for your logo, news page, biographical profiles, and YouTube sets.

Beauty and the Beast 

This typeface combines flamboyance and assertiveness, but it looks best against a vibrant background in your movie thumbnail. Your video will stand out as a result. It was initially the typeface used in videos of incredibly interesting stuff, but I stopped using it because I thought it was too garish and obnoxious.

Badaboom BB 

The default typeface for YouTube thumbnails appears to be Badaboom BB. Once you do, you may be imaginative while writing by using this amusing typographic font! Wengie Moo is a brand-new typeface that I use in my blogging, and readers adore reading her fantastic and engaging material!

Config Rounded

Config Rounded may be the finest font for your YouTube thumbnails if you want to give them a streamlined and polished appearance. This font’s rounded edges make it particularly user-friendly. In reality, this typeface may be utilized in a range of categories and sizes, including thumbnails, and this radio backdrop with branding is appropriate for a company or information.


Roboto, which comes in a number of versions, is one of the most popular fonts for making YouTube videos. It is Google’s property. It’s a safe option to utilise the Roboto typeface because the letters are so simple to read; you may use the font for your thumbnails and banners. In 2015, the YouTube typeface was switched from Arial to Roboto. Even their closed captions make use of it.

Open Sans 

A lower font size makes it more difficult to draw conclusions. The reader may miss crucial information if a headline, which is typically smaller than the body text, is excessively narrow in size. Open Sans is a terrific font choice for your YouTube channel for creating video that is focused on academic or professional subjects.

5 Best Font For Subtitles

More than merely making or recording videos is needed to produce great audio-visual content. You must take the required action to ensure that your audiovisual content is easily accessible to your audience. Having written subtitles for your videos that are simple for your target audience to find is one approach to be sure of this. It could be difficult to ask someone to find clear, readable subtitles. Nowadays, many printed subtitles feature incredibly difficult-to-read typefaces. For this reason, consider using textual subtitles that are understandable, clear, and speakable for you, as well as audio-visual material.

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1. Arial

The typeface that you see the most when sending and receiving electronic messages is Arial. Arial is certain to make sense to viewers since virtually everyone has, at some point, worried about safety and being comfortable with a typeface. A broad range of international ministries are covered by the typefaces of Arial. The typefaces Arial Black, Arial Narrow, and Arial Bold are often used. It is therefore one of the finest options for lengthy subtitles. This list is merely a small, carefully chosen sample. It should not be used as a reference for deciding which typefaces would be best for your application.

2. Roboto

For subtitles, Google employs the Roboto medium typeface by default. This is so that the subtitles will show clearly throughout the film and have an attractive appearance while also ensuring that you can comprehend the text. Roboto is incredibly flexible and may be used for subtitles at both the beginning and the conclusion of videos. It works best when dealing with lengthy, unconnected texts, but it can still be utilised for videos with lengthy captions.

The open-source license allows Roboto to be.

 3. Times New Roman

Another typeface with great reading potential is this one. It was created for The Times, a renowned British magazine. From its days as the default typeface included with earlier versions of Microsoft Word, Times New Roman has come a long way. It continues to hold its position as one of the classic fonts and the one that satisfies all current standards.

Arial could be the answer if you’re having trouble with subtitles and you can’t locate a font that has the layout you need.

4. Verdana

Because it is a reduced form of the terra cotta font, the tiffany font is the reverse of it. In other words, whether your audience is on a tiny tablet or a mobile phone. This font is designed even smaller so you can easily see the number labels and labels without headphones, and it works best on devices where we have larger screens.

5. Tiresias

Another excellent font option for subtitles is “Tiresias.” This typeface is so straightforward and easy for the reader to grasp that the BBC actually uses it as their default font for subtitles. The majority of people with normal vision have never even known that knowledge. In actuality, I believe Tiresias only has one style since it is more streamlined than many; there aren’t truly six separate ones. Tiresias is a distinctive and fashionable typeface.

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