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In 2004, Robin Nicholas and Steve Matteson assisted Jelle Bosma, a Dutch type designer, in creating the transitional serif font Cambria Font, which is included in Microsoft Office and Windows. Cambria Font is free for personal use, and it was designed to be a serif font that would be appropriate for body text and with uniform spacing and proportions.

In addition, it can be easily read whether it is printed in tiny size or viewed on a screen with poor resolution.

Clear Type fonts—Microsoft’s name for a collection of fonts designed to render text better on LCDs—have the same start as any Microsoft font, with the lowercase character f. The other fonts in this group are Calibri, Candara, Consolas, Constantia, and Corbel, and they share many features. Although there are slight differences, they share many characteristics so they are generally interchangeable. Just remember, if you try to select only clear-type fonts without considering what features all fonts in the group share.

Cambria Font Information

NameCambria Font
DesignerSteve Matteson, Robin Nicholas, Jelle Bosma
FoundryMicrosoft Typography
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released2004
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only

Character Map Image

Numbers / Numeros

Upcase / Maiusculas

Lowercase / Minusculas

Simbolos e Pontuacao/ Simbols


Cambria Font Review

Designed by Steve Matteson, Cambria is a serif typeface released by Microsoft in 2004 as part of their ClearType Font Collection. It is a highly legible typeface that’s still pleasant to look at. It is available in regular, italic, bold, and bold italic styles, and it supports a wide range of languages. One of the most popular fonts for eBooks is Cambria because it’s specifically designed for on-screen reading.

Online news articles and other lengthy pieces of text that need to be easy to read are also popular uses of it. The series of Cambria are relatively subtle, allowing it to maintain a clean and refined appearance while maintaining a large x-height and wide proportions, making it highly legible. With Cambria, you can use it for a wide range of projects. Its legibility makes it ideal for use in body text, but its refined appearance also makes it suitable for use in headlines and other display purposes.

From small print to large signage, Cambria is available in a wide range of sizes, starting at 6 points and reaching 72 points.

Cambria Font Download Free

You can easily download free serif fonts to use for all projects. Simply install the font anywhere, force the font application system to do so, and download the alternative fonts free too. You will find them easily for all projects.

Cambria Font Family (Includes 4 Typefaces)

  1. Cambria Regular
  2. Cambria Italic
  3. Cambria Bold
  4. Cambria Bold Italic

An alternative to Cambria Font

Usage of Cambria Font

A study found that teenagers often have multiple questions about identity and worth, as well as conflicting views on where they belong in society. This can lead to confusion about their identity.

The 212 SMART font, on the other hand, can be an excellent solution if you find it difficult to learn new reading comprehension skills, as it looks and sounds like it is used for other items, such as grocery catalogs or travel brochures, which can also look like circular displays. Besides being circular, this font can also look good inside squares and other dimensions, such as letters placed outside.

Language Support

English, Spanish, Croatian, Finnish, Slovak, Serbian (Latin), Portuguese, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Kurdish (Latin), Romanian, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Kazakh

License Information

The free font is a versatile typeface that is highly favored by writers, graphic designers, and publishing professionals. It has a free license and is also very legible when printed. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Cambria Font?

Microsoft Fonts’ Holbein fondue font — a typeface of the 1500s with varying weights and “serifs,” as the designers dubbed them. It has a classical, Walt Disney-esque font, with Italics and Cyrillic bold characters. It was released in 2007.

Who Designed the Cambria Font?

Jelle Bosma, a Dutch mathematics and computer science professor, developed this font in 2004 but released it in 2007.

Can You Use Cambria Font Free Everywhere?

This font can be used in projects or for your work. You can use it wherever you want because it works well without a license.

Which Font Is Similar to Cambria Font?

Cloud technologies such as web font and Google fonts permit users to get free alternatives to Cambria font incorporated with Melior, Paciencia Font, and Scientia font. Considering many similarities among cloud technologies, designers can apply the cloud font in a design.

Where Can You Use Cambria Font?

Arial font is designed for creating print screens. To use this font for print screens, you should use black or grey fonts, an 800×600 or better resolution, and 16-to other 24-color displays

What Is Cambria Font Generator?

Software to create Cambria fonts and designs with Cambria Italic and Cambria Bold by the online tool. The software is available online.

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